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The Private Investigation consultancy R & P ASSOCIATE DETECTIVES SL, was founded in 1987 by brothers Roger and Pau FERRER. Our professional background makes us one of the best and most highly experienced agencies in the area of private investigation.

The tenacity and enthusiasm in our approach, together with our team of experts and our commitment to "doing things properly", provides clients with an up-to-date, effective and tailor-made service in each of the cases that we cover on a national scale.

Today, with over twenty years experience in the Spanish market, we have issued over 20, 000 reports which demonstrate our efficiency.

R & P ASSOCIATE DETECTIVES SL are wholly responsible for the reports issued under the company name. Our reports, and their contents, are defendable before any court of law or institution.

R&P Detectives Asociados SL
R&P Detectives Asociados SL